Natural Remedies and Supplements

While many people can be quick to dismiss the validity of natural remedies, these herbal medications offer many benefits that pharmaceuticals cannot. While the big name drug companies here in Los Angeles have people believe that their products are the only options for being healthy, at Pure Solutions, we know that isn’t always the case.

What Are Natural Remedies?

For thousands of years, doctors all around the world have been compiling lists of natural herbs and their positive effects on the human body. In fact, almost 25% of today’s medications contain the same active ingredients doctors used in ancient times. Before more complex medications and pharmaceuticals were invented, physicians had to rely on what was around them in order to treat patients, which is how natural remedies originated.

What Are the Benefits?

Here in California, and all over the United States, we are encouraged to believe that the only way to heal is with prescription drugs. However, natural remedies offer many benefits, including the following:

  1. Variety of forms. Gone are the days of forcing yourself to take a giant, terrible tasting pill. Medicinal herbs come in many different forms, so you can mix them with food or even drink them in a tea. Some can even come in the form of a lotion!
  2. Less expensive. Since they are available for purchase without a prescription, you not only cut your doctor bills, but the medications themselves are much less expensive, compared to pharmaceuticals.
  3. Widely available. Because they are over the counter, you will be able to find many remedies at local pharmacies, health food stores, and even online! With so many health and wellness stores in Los Angeles, you are sure to find a product that can help you.
  4. Few negative side effects. When taken correctly, natural remedies will have fewer side effects than conventional medications. In addition, you will not experience any withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking them, unlike many prescription pills.
  5. Multiple uses. When your doctor gives you a script for something to treat your headaches, that medicine will do that and only that. However, herbal medicines will treat a variety of things. At Pure Solutions, our velvet antler extract will help you decrease body fat and increase your energy, all the while helping with bone health and your digestive system.

Pure Solutions

At Pure Solutions, we believe that we shouldn’t have to overload our bodies with unnatural chemicals in order to feel okay. Instead, we want to use what is available in nature; this is why we are so confident in many natural remedies, including velvet antler extract.

Our antler extract products allow for anti-aging effects, decreased body fat, increased healing time after a workout, and much more. All of our products are completely natural- you will never find any chemicals or fillers in our ingredient lists!

Unlike many other antler extract companies who get their products from other countries, our elk are raised right here in America, so we can better control every step of the process- from birth to bottling. Not only do we care about the quality of our products, but we care about the quality of our harvesting process as well. This is why we have worked so hard to create a process that is painless, humane, and stress free for the elk.

We offer a wide range of products, all aimed at helping you live a better, healthier life. Some of them include the following:

  • Support products encourage better digestive health and sleep patterns.
  • Men’s products will help increase muscles, decrease body fat, and help with quicker recovery.
  • Women’s products will support lean muscle growth, along with reducing soreness after a workout.
  • Anti-Aging products offer increased energy and an increase of growth factors so you will feel revitalized.
  • Pre-workout products will help you get the most out of each and every workout.

If you would like to learn more about natural remedies or any of our products, call Pure Solutions today at 800-895-4415.

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