Eastern Medicine

Eastern medicine is a concept that embraces a wide range of practices developed mostly in China. This type of medicine, also called Traditional Chinese Medicine, takes its roots in traditions of more than 2000 years, including treatments based on the use of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, exercise, and dietary therapy.

What Can We Take Away From Eastern Medicine Practices?

Residents of western states, including people in Los Angeles, California, who are looking for natural health alternatives, often turn to Eastern medicine techniques and traditions. Reasons are various, but usually focus on the important takeaways of TCM:

  • Take a step back: Technology and research are constantly transforming the way Western medicine is practiced, but traditional practices have proven their efficiency, and patients who can’t seem to find relief from their doctor often find that TCM provides a better solution.
  • The scope of health: The Western society tends to turn to doctors when physical issues arise, but Eastern medicine sees health as achieving an overall wellness. The health of both mind and body emphasized by TCM is important in maintaining a natural well-being.
  • Views of the body: In Los Angeles, as well as all over the country, we seek help from specialists of one organ or set of organs. This reflects the way we visualize the body as complex parts put together to form a human being. However, TCM physicians encourage us to see our body as a whole, where each organ is closely linked to the others.
  • Look for the source: Painkillers are usually part of our routine and may provide temporary relief, but it is more important to focus on the source of our aches rather than the symptoms themselves in order to find long-lasting solutions.

How We Use Eastern Medicine in Our Products

The products offered by Pure Solutions are designed keeping in mind the various benefits that Eastern medicine has on our bodies. One of the main components of our line of products is antler velvet extract, and the decision to use this component came from TCM itself. As it turns out, Eastern society began mentioning the use of deer antler velvet back in 168 B.C., and the component became more and more well-known in time.

We believe the overwhelming use of this component in TCM comes from the various health benefits associated with it. For example, the animals bearing the raw material have incredible organ regeneration capabilities like no other. Indeed mammals, including elks and deer, are the only ones capable of growing an organ at the surprising rate of one inch per day. From such observations, we understand the growth power of deer antler velvet rich in IGF -1.

While the human body produces a certain amount of IGF-1, the levels do not compare to the concentration found in antlers. As we grow older, the presence of this hormone diminishes, and our bodies sometimes suffer from deficiencies. Eastern medicine has long proven the benefits of supplementing your diet with deer antler velvet, which is loaded with IGF-1. These benefits include decreased healing time, lowered body fat, improved sleep patterns, and more.

The Pure Solutions Experience

At Pure Solutions, we have designed a full line of products available around Los Angeles taking into account the benefit of Eastern medicine. Our elk antler and IGF-1 products offer natural resources and are created with the utmost care.

To ensure the best quality of the natural dietary supplement we offer, Pure Solutions raises elk in America and controls the entire production process from the conception of the animal to the bottling of the products. We always keep the well-being of our animals in mind and ensure that the harvesting process is painless.

If you would like more information about our line of products or how you can become one of our re-sellers in Los Angeles, give us a call today at 800-895-4415.

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